Please note this course does not teach diagnosis nor treatment for back conditions. This course empowers Yoga teachers or practitioners to be able to work with Yoga Practitioners who have back issues, from an evidence based point of view, in conjunction with Health Professionals. 



Claire Weight is a 500hr Yoga Teacher, with many years of experience as a Yoga Teacher Trainer and a Yoga Teacher.  Claire has been a lead teacher trainer on many Wellness Connection Yoga 200hr & 300hr trainings.

Claire has extensive qualifications in Anatomy, Backcare and Yoga. Claire completed a 145 hour Back Care and Scoliosis Teacher training in New York with Yoga Union, and a 40 hour Yoga and Scoliosis training with Elise Browning Miller, as well as trainings in pain science.  

This Backcare Yoga teacher training is for
1. Yoga teachers who would like to work confidently with their yoga students and their back concerns, to keep students moving and practicing yoga & other movements
2. Yoga practitioners wanting to be able to modify and adapt their yoga practice to suit their specific individual needs 
3. Anyone who would like to build a strong & flexible back

Please note this Evidence Based course is not intended to diagnose or prescribe treatment for back problems or injury rather to empower Yoga teachers to be able to adapt and modify for individual needs and to co-ordinate with health professionals. 

Packed with theory and practical work, the course will cover:

  1. You will learn to modfiy, regress, and progress yoga poses, create classes, use props and other movements for you or your client.
  2. You will understand how the spine functions in yoga.
  3. We will explore pain science,  and you will gain an understanding of the dynamics around this subject, again not to treat but to be informed on positive cueing for your yoga student. 
  4. You will gain an understanding of various back conditions to enable you to co-ordinate with your client’s health professional. General lower back pain, scoliosis, disc herniation, spondyliolisthesis, hyper-kyphosis/lordosis, sciatica and more with poses, modifications and sequences to work with these conditions


Fridays 19  & 26 July ONLINE FOR EVERYONE 3-6pm
Saturday/Sunday 20, 21, 28 July 2024 9-5pm ONLINE OR IN PERSON



Deposit R 1,500 to secure your place.

Payment plan option available – please email for details


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