• LEAD Trainer on 200 hr & 300hr Adult Teacher Training courses
    • LEAD Trainer of Kids Yoga Teacher Training courses
    • Experienced 200 hr & 300hr Registered Yoga Teacher -E-YRT 200 and E-YRT 500hr
    • Back Care Yoga Teacher
    • Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher

    Claire is so very talented. Claire is our Back care Yoga Therapy specialist, our Kids Yoga Teacher Trainer and one of our 200hr and 500 hr Experienced Registered Teacher Trainers.  


    I am passionate about Back Care, Yoga Education and Kids Teacher Training. I was born with scoliosis that progressively worsened as I aged and when I did sport. I love to move so I desperately tried to find a way to manage my scolisis. After years trying everything from physio, biokinetics, acupuncture and reduced movement, I decided to go to New York to train with Back Care Yoga Therapist specialist Alison West at Yoga Union. The knowledge and practice has changed my scoliosis, the way I moved in exercise and now I am pain free.  I love yoga, and teach yoga to children and adults. I have a Kids Yoga company and specialise in Teacher Training with children. 

    I also teach on the Wellness Connection Yoga Teacher Training courses. My speciality, is of course Yoga for Back Care and  Kids Yoga. 

    I am a qualified instructor, trained in “Kidding Around Yoga tm”. Kidding Around Yoga is a style of Yoga from the USA that encompasses the 5 branches of yoga in a clear engaging method. A typical KAY class gets the children singing, dancing, skipping, marching, jogging, laughing, hopping, limbo-ing, and storytelling all while practising Yoga to the original KAY music.

    I also have my Yoga4Kids module 1 and 2 qualification which is endorsed by the Yoga Teachers Fellowship of South Africa. Combining both styles of teaching techniques gives me the tools to make my classes fun with maximum benefits to the kids.