• Teacher on Wellness Connection 200 hr Teacher Training courses 
  • 200 hr Ashtanga with Jim Harrington
  • 200 hr Yoga with Wellness Connection Yoga
  • Qualified Pilates teacher
  • 500 hr Yoga Wellness Connection Yoga       

I firmly believe that for the longevity of a powerful and healthy body there needs to be a good balance between strength and mobility. My classes are strong, but always mindful and safe. I focus on detailed instruction and an equally precise execution of the Asanas and always offer modifications for clients with specific needs (e.g. injuries, pre- and postnatal, new students etc.)
Coming from a Pilates background (I am also a qualified Pilates Mat & Equipment instructor) I integrate Core awareness and sometimes even some Pilates-type exercises into my classes, as I believe they complement the Yoga practice very well.

I am passionate about pregnancy yoga (having had 3 children myself) and am the lecturer on the Wellness Connection Yoga 200 hr Teacher Training course for both Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates.