Lisa Bold

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  • International Yoga Alliance teacher’s training course 
  • Advanced Teachers Training



Lisa Bold is a clinical psychologist in private practice. Her journey into yoga  began in 2002 when she sought out an avenue to explore the body-mind more deeply, as a result of experiences which emerged in the course of her own psychotherapy, that were not able to be verbalised.  Yoga’s exploration into body awareness without a specific goal, facilitated healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, enhanced deep relaxation, reduced anxiety and evened out variations in mood.  It is her passion to facilitate this exploration in others.  In addition, she enjoys the integration of psychotherapy with yoga to address numerous mental health issues.

Lisa completed an International Yoga Alliance teacher’s training course with Jim Harrington in 2009 and then an advanced teachers training with international teacher, Shimon Ben Avi in 2009.