WORKSHOPS: All workshops are Yoga Alliance approved YACEP workshops

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Mandy Hewlett qualified as a certified Budokon Teacher, having trained with the founders of the Budokon Academy,  Cameron and Melayne Shayne. Mandy is also a Vinyasa Flow teacher whose approach to Budokon and Yoga whose speciality is Yoga for Sports, and she is presently the yoga coach for the Stormers rugby team.



ADVANCED YOGA PRACTICE: SHORT COURSES with Catherine Wilkinson: MAY 2018 onwards

Courses: 4 weeks 

75 minutes per session

Tuesdays or Thursdays 10am to 11.15am. Trainees will be able to do either day or both days. Only 8 people will be accepted per course. 

May:            Arm balances

June:           Inversions

August:        Backbends

Cost: R600 per course

Often we find that we are not able to self practice as life presents its busy self in our way. We try to go to classes where we might be able to practice a peak pose once, every few months. Very rarely do we get an opportunity to really analyse poses, work on them in an intelligent way and build up to a final pose through a focused practice on correct physiology (muscle action) and joint movement. 

In these short courses we will focus on a particular area for a 4 sessions. We will steadily work on a practice that will help us build the correct strength for the poses we are working on. We will use equipment when we need to, rings, bars, chairs, the wall to help us get there. We will explore different exercises and movements that we can build into our yoga class. 


Catherine is the lead 500 hour Vinyasa Teacher on the Wellness Connection Teacher Training courses. 

“Claire Weight: 500 hr Teacher. Adult & Kids Yoga Teacher. Founder of Yogalini Yoga. 200 hr Yoga Teacher Trainer

There is a big emphasis on teaching intelligently and wisely. Catherine’s knowledge of anatomy is unprecedented. The course is very hands on with loads of practical information that is translated into my practice and my yoga teaching. Catherine has an amazing ability to really see each and every student, and help us improve in all areas of our yoga practice. Catherine’s love of all things yoga shines through in every detail of this course


50 Hr Yin Teacher Training – May 2018

50 hr Wellness Connection Yin Yoga Teacher Training course

Accredited by Yoga Alliance YACEP continuing education for existing Yoga Teachers


26 May 10:30-6:30

27 May 8-6:30

9 June 10:30-6:30

10 June . 8-6:30


This gives us 37 hours of contact time the remaining 13 hours will be used for homework.


Sequence preparation work.


R4,000 Deposit R1000 to secure your place. EFT Date of workshop and YOUR name REFERENCE

Yin Yoga is a subtle, deep and powerful approach to Yoga.  It is an individually adapted, slow and meditative asana practice combined with internal awareness. Asanas are practiced in a passive way with relaxed muscles.

Course Outline

Origins and the Philosophy of Yin Yoga

Understanding the philosophy and origins of Yin: both its differences and similarities with other styles of yoga and how it applies to the practice.

Yin Yoga Anatomy and Poses

An exploration of 30 of the more common yin yoga asanas; and what happens beneath the skin as we shift shapes as well as the intelligent use of props based on the individuals needs.

Learning how to observe, prop poses and adjust

Learn how to see what each individual needs in each pose. Using props can be plentiful and fun, as well as creative. How to use props, both studio props and household items to prop and adjust Yin Poses for different indiviudal needs.

The Nature of Connective Tissue

An overview of the structure of connective tissue: how it differs from muscle and why it bares importance in a yin practice. An overview of Fascia and the stretching of fascia. 


We will look at the Meridian system as it appears in Traditional Chinese Medicine and applications to the practice of Yin.

Teaching Methodology: Creating a class, for yourself or your students

How to theme; sequence and verbally construct an engaging class; learning to balance words with silence.


Exploring mindfulness; meditation and breath work and its integration within this yoga practice. Learn to teach and to hold the space in silence.

We now have four days:     26 May  10:30-6:30

                                            27 May  8-6:30

                                            9 June 10:30-6:30

                                            10 June 8-6:30


This gives us 37 hours of contact time the remaining 13 hours will be used for homework.


Carla Collins is a 200 hr and 
500 hr Registered Yoga Teacher, as well as a Teacher Trainer on the Wellness Connection Yoga 200 hr Teacher Training courses.  Carla teaches both Yin and Vinyasa Yoga, and has an in depth understanding of anatomy, injury, modifications and adjustments. 

“Carla has a lovely way of communicating, a sincere interest in helping you. I love her classes especially her attention to adjustments” Anonymous feedback 200 hr Teacher trainee




YOGA TEACHERS: ADJUSTMENTS AND ASANA RECAP:  Forgotten everything you learned on your 200 hour Teacher Training course? Or just feel like you never felt comfortable enough to really adjust people? Come and be reminded of fabulous adjustments in standing poses,

forward bends, back bends and inversions. 

25 November  

Times: 10.30 to 1pm

Cost: R300 EFT Date of workshop and YOUR name REFERENCE


YOGA ALLIANCE ACCREDITED as a Continuing Education Programme for Yoga Teachers.

Teacher Laura Norton

Laura is a registered 200 hr and 500 hr Teacher, as well as a Lead Teacher Trainer on the Wellness Connection 20o hr Yoga Teacher Training course. Laura spent many years under the tutelage of David Jacobs, a Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher in South Africa, as well as gaining her Vinyasa/Ashtanga credentials.

“Laura’s enthusiasm and knowledge of yoga poses, and different yoga styles is unbelievable. She has such a practical, lively approach to teaching. Fabulous scope of knowledge, very efficient and fun ways of delivering that content” Anonymous feedback from 200 hr Yoga Teacher Trainee