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Clara Dybbroe Viltoft

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Name: Clara Dybbroe Viltoft
I finalised my yoga teachers training in 2021 efter several years of exercise yoga and a few years of dedicated practice. Since then I have facilitated online, with seniors and, now, teach hot yoga at B:FIT by Zeenta. I am good at creating a space for focus and tranquility as well as play and challenges, where we together can stay present, listen to our bodies and together move towards more complex positions and flows.
By day, I work part-time with ActionAid youth and local democracy and as a development consultant within the fields of human rights, development work, and social justice - currently with Ubumi Prisons Initiative, the artist organisation Lím and the socioeconomic entrepreneur platform Operation 8. In my work I make use of yoga and mindfulness tools, I have also developed a fundraising initiative called ‘Yoga For Justice,’ where the proceeds are donated to social justice and human rights actors and initiatives, organisations.
Currently in Denmark, regularly in Cape Town, South Africa, Western Cape
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