Yin Yoga is a subtle, deep and powerful approach to Yoga.  It is an individually adapted, slow and meditative asana practice combined with internal awareness. Asanas are practiced in a passive way with relaxed muscles.

This course can be taken as a workshop for non-yoga teachers or as a 50 HOUR Yoga Alliance Continuing Education module for Yoga Teachers.

Accredited by Yoga Alliance YACEP continuing education for existing Yoga Teachers

22-26 March 2021
Online and LIVE OPTIONS 
9am – 6pm

Sequence preparation work.

ONLINE:             R 4,000
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This course can be taken as a workshop for non-yoga teachers or as a 50 HOUR Yoga Alliance Continuing Education module for Yoga Teachers.

We do not expect you to be an advanced yogi, nor super fit or flexible.  We expect that you have a yoga practice, a love for yoga and a commitment to the course and to your practice. 

We require that you have high standards, accept equity in yoga and commit to doing no harm. You should be ethically aligned with our code of conduct, fully supportive of your fellow trainees, avoid discrimination, keep confidentiality, and commit to no harm.

Please refer to the Acceptance Criteria, Payment conditions & Student discounts for YOGA Teacher Training for full details.

Should a course be cancelled due to Covid-19 concerns and restrictions trainees can either have a full refund or postpone to a course at a later date. We strongly recommend that clients who need to book accommodation and travel insure that they will be able to change or refund their travel arrangements should Covid 19 government policy recommend social distancing or ban gathering. Please note that Air BnB and most Hotel policies have this rule in place but it is better to confirm with the hosts and your booking agent.  

To protect our trainees we will not accept any trainee who has recently come from a high risk area nor a person in contact with someone from a high risk area without proof of a negative Covid19 result. Trainees must sign an affidavit confirming no high risk contact and commit to no high risk contact during the course. 


Philosophy of Yin Yoga

Understanding the philosophy and origins of Yin: both its differences and similarities with other styles of yoga and how it applies to the practice.

Yin Yoga Anatomy and Poses

An exploration of 30 of the more common yin yoga asanas; and what happens beneath the skin as we shift shapes as well as the intelligent use of props based on the individuals needs.

Learning how to observe, prop poses and adjust

Learn how to see what each individual needs in each pose. Using props can be plentiful and fun, as well as creative. How to use props, both studio props and household items to prop and adjust Yin Poses for different individudal needs.

The Nature of Connective Tissue

An overview of the structure of connective tissue: how it differs from muscle and why it bares importance in a yin practice.


We will look at the Meridian system as it appears in Chinese Medicine and applications to the practice of Yin.

Creating a class, for yourself or your students

How to theme; sequence and verbally construct an engaging class; learning to balance words with silence.


Exploring mindfulness; meditation and breath work and its integration within this yoga practice. Learn to teach and to hold the space in silence.


Tarryn James is an Occupational Health Therapist, a  500 hr Registered Yoga Teacher, as well as a Teacher Trainer on the Wellness Connection Yoga 200 hr and 300hr Teacher Training courses.  Tarryn teaches Yin,Hatha, and Vinyasa Yoga, and has an in depth understanding of anatomy, modifications and adjustments.

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