This online 300hr Yoga course is fully approved by the Yoga Alliance and will replicate the In Person course exactly (other than you being in our studio).

Advance your teaching and your practice to become a Registered Yoga Alliance 500 hr Yoga Teacher 

You do not have to be an advanced practitioner nor an experienced Teacher to join us to learn, improve your practice and get stronger. 

The course will run for just over 2 months fully online with live sessions, lectures, classes, presentations, strength and flexibility training and in person sessions with lead teachers. Expect to commit to approximately 25 hours per week. 

There will also be an opportunity post Covid-19, for those that can to attend live sessions. 
You will need internet ability as well as Zoom, which is a free app.   

25 May – 25 July 2020

Our policy is to keep the cost of training as low as we can to allow more accessibility.

Wellness Connection 200hr Teachers, students and unemployed Teachers: 
Total: R16,000 
Deposit of R4,000 to secure your place 
Payment plans offered. Deposit R4,000 plus 3 payments of R4,200 May, June and July

Other 200hr Teachers:
Total: R20,000
Deposit of R5,000 to secure your place plus 3 payments of R5,200 in May, June and July

Please refer to the Acceptance Criteria, Payment conditions & Student discounts for YOGA Teacher Training for full details.

All course materials

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300hr YTT Detail

We do not expect you to be an advanced yogi, nor super fit or flexible.  We expect that you have a yoga practice, a love for yoga and a commitment to the course and to your practice. 

We require that you have high standards, accept equity in yoga and commit to doing no harm. You should be ethically aligned with our code of conduct, fully supportive of your fellow trainees, avoid discrimination, keep confidentiality, and commit to no harm.

Please refer to the Acceptance Criteria, Payment conditions & Student discounts for YOGA Teacher Training for full details.

Should a course be cancelled due to Covid-19 concerns and restrictions trainees can either have a full refund or postpone to a course at a later date. We strongly recommend that clients who need to book accommodation and travel insure that they will be able to change or refund their travel arrangements should Covid 19 government policy recommend social distancing or ban gathering. Please note that Air BnB and most Hotel policies have this rule in place but it is better to confirm with the hosts and your booking agent.  

To protect our trainees we will not accept any trainee who has recently come from a high risk area nor a person in contact with someone from a high risk area without proof of a negative Covid19 result. Trainees must sign an affidavit confirming no high risk contact and commit to no high risk contact during the course. 


This is our 5TH 500HR RYT course.  This is when your love of yoga will soar. You will commit to studying on a much deeper level, to become a more empowered, skilful, yoga practitioner.  

What matters is your love of yoga. The advanced course is advanced in that we will inspire you, you will go deeper enhancing your yoga knowledge, your practice, your teaching (if you teach) and you will leave loving and knowing yoga even more.  

Please contact Catherine if you have any queries, as simple as they may seem. We are happy to help you. 


Our 500hr Teachers called us a Mini Yoga University – and that is what we are. Yoga Education and Training is what we specialise in.

All our courses our Yoga Alliance (US) accredited.

We were the first studio to be qualified to offer a Yoga Alliance (US) Advanced 300/500 hr Yoga Alliance approved Teacher Training in South Africa. All of our staff are 500hr Yoga Alliance Teachers, the highest qualification one can have.We are hugely experienced in both 200 and 300/500 hour Yoga Teacher Training.

To date we have run over 25 Yoga 200 hr Teacher Training courses and 4 Yoga 300/500hr Yoga Teacher Training courses.


Our course is structured so that we can offer you a real insight into many different aspects of yoga, but with core themes running through each modules that offer a deeper level of practice and knowledge.

The Core Themes are pose practice, strength and flexibility training, peak pose and sequencing applied anatomy, movement science and teaching. 
Around the Core Themes are other areas of Yoga including philosophy, meditation and breathwork as well as our Speciality Areas which include
Hot 26
Modern Vinyasa
Yoga for Back Care
Iyengar style prop use
Pilates for Yoga Teachers 


We do a significant amount of practical training on the course. 

We ask everyone what they would like to work on, and we build a programme to suit the groups needs. 

We see transformations in your practice BECAUSE on top of classes and pose workshops we add training time daily to work on strengthening, flexibility and skill work.


We also understand that most people shudder when they hear the word….anatomy… so for those that fear anatomy, be assured EVERYTHING you learn is completely related to yoga poses – we get up and move and point and see, adjust, laugh, play……and understand. Pose anatomy is our passion and we really know our stuff.   Be prepared to be surprised. 

We learn what stretching really is, what happens to our muscles in yoga practice, how to use load to strengthen to help us with arm balances, backbends and inversions.


Normal vinyasa flow classes do not help many people advance their practice, and frequently lead to injury as they do not incorporate any progressive strength and flexibility training.

Advanced Sequencing is what we specialise in at the Wellness Connection,  a understanding of the anatomical, physical training and cognitive (brain action) needs of a peak pose, and a knowing of how to bring those elements into a well designed Vinaysa Flow class for all levels of practitioners.


You will learn how to structure peak poses classes, private sessions, for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels as well as workshops and courses for beginners and different groups of poses (inversions, arm balances, backbends). 

You may not be teaching but this will help you understand how to structure your own yoga sessions.  


The 300/500hr Yoga Teacher Training course is taught by Catherine Wilkinson, Laura Norton, Carla Collins, Bev Slauck, Tarryn James and Claire Weight, all Experienced 500hr Teachers (E-RYT 500). All teachers have been lead trainers on over 25 Yoga Teacher Trainings and have thousands of hours of teaching time registered with the Yoga Alliance. All teachers have studied extensively specialising in yoga pose anatomy and anatomical advanced sequencing for peak poses, as well as their own specialised area of yoga.


Catherine’s speciality is yoga pose anatomy and sequencing. She has studied anatomy and physiology at BSc and Masters level, as well as studying yoga anatomy and sequencing with Jason Crandell ( and Yoga Biomechanics and Stretching with Jules Mitchell (   


Claire’s main speciality is in the use of Yoga for all spinal issues and injuries. Claire has spent a year studying with New York Yoga Back Health spine specialist Alison West ( specialising in back pain, back health care and scoliosis. 


Laura has extensive Iyengar training with David Jacobs, as well as yoga anatomy training. Laura runs her own Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainings and has her own studio, the Yoga Mala.


Carla is our Yin, Restorative and Trauma Yoga
specialist. Carla studies include the Neuroscience and Psychology of Trauma Yoga for PTSD and Anxiety in London.


Sandy Cornish

500 hr Teacher. Yoga Teacher City Rock Cape Town 

To all you Yogis out there, I highly recommend this course as the teachers are warm, funny, and very knowledgeable in yoga asana and anatomy. I have found this course very helpful in my teaching and my confidence in sequencing has improved. My personal practice has deepened too.  

Beverley Slauck

500hr Teacher. Yogazone, Yoga Spirit and B Yoga teacher.

The course was absolutely brilliant and transformed my teaching completely! It was not only anatomically extremely informative but loads of fun too. My own practice has improved tremendously as well. I am very thankful for all the continued help (you can always ask anything at any time!). I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who wishes to improve their own practice and teaching.

Mandy Hewlett

500hr Teacher. Yoga Spirit, B Yoga, Velocity Teacher. Stormers Rugby Yoga Coach. Sports Yoga Teacher Trainer.

Catherine is an exceptional teacher who puts her heart and soul into every class she teaches. Catherine possesses a knowledge and wisdom way beyond that of any yoga teacher I have encountered. Her knowledge of anatomy is exceptional in the Yoga world and her personal approach to teaching was something I had never encountered before, nor since.  I would absolutely recommend the TT to anyone who loves Yoga as much as I do. 

Rolaine Patterson

Owner YamaYoga. 500hr Teacher. 

This is an empowering course. After this course with the Wellness Connection I understand how to inspire and assist my students on a much deeper level, from a grounding in knowledge and compassion. And in return I have seen my students learn and flourish. And even now, long after the completion of the 500hr TTC, we teachers are all still connected at the Wellness Connection, continuing to learn, and share our experiences. 

Bianca McHarg

Owner B-Yoga Studio. 500hr Teacher.

It’s hard to think of my 300 hour advanced TT experience as anything other than life changing. This was because everything I thought and felt about yoga was turned on its head and shaken up! At Wellness Connection you are challenged to not only look at what and how you teach… but also why? This is where Catherine and her team are in a league of their own. No other yoga institution puts anatomy first.  At Wellness Connection I was taught not to just accept what was put in front of me, but rather to practice, research, question and discover. This TT quite literally changed my life.And I’m pretty sure it will change yours too.  Namaste


We do not provide accommodation, however the Wellness Connection Studio is situated in a ‘holiday’ area with many, many Air BnBs and lodges within walking distance to suit all budgets. We suggest you search Air BnB Hout Bay Longkloof Road area. Please ask if you need any more help. 

The course consists of 300 hours of advanced Yoga Teacher Training, which, with your Yoga Alliance approved 200 hour training certificate, comprises the 500 hours needed to register with the Yoga Alliance.

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