8 workshops for YOGA TEACHERS that can be taken separately or as a whole.
Dates: 28th – 31st August 2020

28th August:
9.30am – 1pm:

Catherine Wilkinson: Alignment, Adjustments and Safety in Yoga. Does Alignment exist? Is Alignment protective? Should we align poses? Are adjustments helpful? Do they keep clients safe? Has mainstream yoga become too safe? Or are we being protective? Followed by a yoga practice exploration around the anatomy of poses and alignment, adjustments and safety.
Catherine Wilkinson: Progressive loading exercise science. How do we become stronger? What poses require more strength and how to we know what type of strength is required? Strength and Conditioning practice for Inversions and Arm Balances

29th August:
9.30am – 1pm:
Firdose Moonda. Origins and Development of Yoga from East to West. An exploration of What is Yoga and is Yoga religion through a journey of the history of Yoga to Modern Western Yoga
Catherine Wilkinson: What is Stretching? What happens to our muscles when we stretch? Is stretching good or bad? We as yoga teachers should know what stretching is, what stretching our muscles does and does not do, how to progressively stretch and different methods of stretching. Flexibility practice for Inversions, Forward Bends and Arm balances

30 August
9.30am – 1pm:
Tarryn James Yoga South Africa. Marketing and in depth Social Media expert explores how to promote yourself as a Yoga Teacher using all forms of social media.
Catherine Wilkinson. Muscle activation and Progressive loading science – Applications in Sequencing. As Yoga Teachers we should have an understanding of different types of muscle activation in different poses, as well as how to sequence for specific muscle activation. Strength and conditioning practice for arm balances

31st August
9.30am – 1pm
Firdose Moonda: Current Controversies in Modern Yoga. Women in Yoga, Body positivity, accessibility, commercialism and politics in Yoga.
Catherine Wilkinson. Myths and Facts in Yoga. How do we know what is factual and what is not in Yoga movement. How can we research to serve our own practice and our clients practice. Flexibility practice for arm balances.

Cost: R500 per workshop or R3,500 for the entire training including a catered lunch.
Deposit of R2,000 secures your place.
Please see Payments page for Payment Options, Student rates and cancellation details. 

Anatomy & Biomechanics: Taught by Catherine Wilkinson
New research on Stretching and how to apply this to our Yoga Practice
Strengthening and Progressive Loading in Yoga poses and in Yoga Sequencing
Exploration of new concepts in alignment, safety, adjustments and injury

Philosophy and Modern Yoga: 10 hours. We are very excited to have Firdose Moonda on the course. Firdose has completed her MA in Traditions of Yoga and Mediation at SOAS University in London, alongside the world’s leading researchers into Yoga including Mark Singleton, author of Yoga Body and James Mallison, Roots of Yoga.
Overviews that Firdose will cover include Origins and Development of Yoga, Yoga Transmission from East to West, Women in Yoga, and Modern Yoga – Discussions around Accessibility and Appropriation

Yoga Business and Social Media: 3 hours. Tarryn James, the successful entrepreneur behind Yoga South Africa and Yoga Indonesia will give us tips on how to support our business through Instagram and other social media platforms